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About me

A little intro

Let me have it general here. I love being punctual, cycling and listening to music.

To the tech side, I care about privacy, version control, updates and ease of use.

With a strong faith that India is democratic, I apply the method of scientific thinking wherever possible.


I’ve got a very unique skillset which I have acquired over years, which I put to good use with a very reliant team.

The Idea

Almost every project I have done begins when a solution for an obvious problem is needed most. Getting the project idea clear to the core is something that gives me a headstart. Trust me this is the part that really gets me started.

The Team

I believe that team work pays off well. Forming the perfect team with the right balance of experience, getting them into their zone and having them motivated is something that I find interesting.

The Sprint

With the team set to work reviewing periodically helps with testing which gets incorporated in this stage. As a team GitHub for hosting the repos and Slack for dedicated communication has helped us meet the deadlines and quality for the 'Pro' mark.

The Build

I personally like to go iteratively on the builds with the basic functionality coming up first. We test them as a team for the quality and ease of use. Finally when we are satisfied, the build becomes official.

The Pitch

Even great products need marketing to get people use it. This is why, I along with a division of the team right from the start of the project come up with different views for showcaing the product be it for a college project, a competition or as an exhibit.

The Continuum

Development of a project for us does not end with the product launch. It is continuous as the team gets to improve what it has done at the alpha stage and also make sure it works as expected.


I love working on the essentials. Here are a few of them.


Do Not Disturb

Android App

Remember those moments when you are on the road, your phone beeps and that is when you realize your phone should have been in Silent mode but it is not (which becomes obvious now), and then hits the irresistible urge to pick up your phone. You are not alone, almost all people experience this. It is this exact situation that endangers people. DnD solves this problem by magically putting your phone into silent mode when you start driving.

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E19 Link Previewer

Chrome Extension

Many a time we do not know where a link leads us to. E19 helps avoid exactly those ‘bad’ links by allowing you to preview them in the same window. Designed to be user friendly and intuitive, with no bloatware and the code being the bare essential, E19 is as stable as the browser.

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E19 - 2 Handsfree PowerPoint

PowerPoint Addon

When you are in your zone going through the presentation for your team, your managers, your students, or as a keynote and then you got to switch to the next slide.... You cringe down into your laptop searching for the key that gets what you want.... And right there tempo is lost. This product which is currently in its development phase gets the above situation solved once and for all. A gesture from you for the next slide.

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Time Machine Backup Remover

MacOS utility

MacOS users usually run out of space. The many stringent methods like never storing the Entertainments folder out in external harddisks is temporary. This script provides the last resort to give you the final blocks of storage you can gulp down.

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